Walling June & Associates
Executive Search Consultants
About Us
From the start, Walling June & Associates has fostered an atmosphere of focused dedication to excellence.  We offer the best and most responsive human resources consulting available.  Further, we are able to provide comprehensive support to bridge or strengthen the efforts of established professional human resources within a client organization. 

Successful relationships depend upon confidence, trust and mutual respect.  Before accepting any assignment, we take the time to become fully acquainted with the client organization - their values, stated objectives, and short and long-term strategic goals.  We then provide advice and recommendations based on analysis of current market trends and our years of real world experience.  As one of our clients says - "not just knowledge but know how!"

It is for these reasons that we enjoy long-term client relationships and the ongoing client referrals that have facilitated our company's success and growth.
We offer:
  • Selective Research
  • Resume Review
  • Innovative Recruitment

We adhere to principles of confidentiality in all matters.  It is our desire to create an environment that ensures long-term success in developing both client and candidate relationships.

We are specialists in management recruitment and human resources development.  We are able to support clients in making solid human resources decisions that make sense for today and for their future.

At Walling June & Associates, we stay abreast of our client's industries through membership in national and regional professional associations and through ongoing study of industry trade journals, magazines, and web-based information.
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